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made of stone.

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yasmine from california. ( she / her. ) twenty. intj, a leo sun & capricorn moon, ravenclaw house. wallflower. full-time college student. welcome to the obscurities of a muddled mind. sometimes i write, sometimes i rant, sometimes i share graphics with you all. find me growing like a window plant & learning how to love myself with each passing day. don't be afraid to add me, i don't bite. ♡

| navi |
what if i'm made of stone ? feeling is not a system, nervous i'm caught in a hold. hoping i'm over thinking. i should be feeling more draped over your bones. paint colours up the walls to spread our inspirations. you are the likely cause of what will be my demise. oh it's not surprising, just inconvenient to play no part in all of the instruments. seem to be sounding out, it's premature.

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